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Simplified rules

Vince Pong is a racket sport that is played on a hexagonal small playing surface with a separation net between two camps, with equipment borrowed from the world of table tennis.
Aim of the game

The goal is to send the ball into the opponent camp by putting his opponent unable to return it.
The layout

Vince Pong court
The playing surface should be smooth and dense enough to allow quality rebound. The hexagonal field (length : 228 Po, Width : 129 Po at the net level and 86 Po at the back side) reduces the long crossed balls and minimizes travels to encourage attacks and coming to the net. A line located 24 Po from the back side line, defines, with the two lateral lines and the base of the score, the trapezium service. The route can be done on the ground or by laying 40mm marking tapes. A safety distance of 40 Po of the ground, and 100 Po clear height.
The material
Table tennis balls type using 40 mm or 44 mm or 50 mm in diameter and table tennis rackets. The net is placed across the width of the ground to a height of 80 cm with freestanding poles allow safe movement around the field.
The main rules

It is played in two winning sets of 15 points (2 points difference). Each player serves for 2 consecutive points and passes his turn. In doubles, each team serves for two points by server changes every turn. Players change sides after each set.
The player stands behind the baseline line and must throw the ball in the air (the effort should not be directed towards the ground). It must then hit after the bounce behind the baseline line to send it over the net into the opponent’s service trapeze. It has only one try.
Return service
The receiver must return the ball after the bounce of the ball in his camp. After the return of serve, players are free to hit the ball before or after the bounce it in their camp.
The referee is placed in the axis of the net, on one side of the court. He alone is authorized to award points but can be assisted in deciding whether a ball is fair or foul by a linesman opposite him.
The game in double
Partners players are not forced to hit the ball in turn.